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COMPASS LOGISTICS, has adopted the principle of providing the most ideal solution to all kinds of transportation demands of its customers. In this context, it offers a complementary way to transport solutions such as road transport, air transport, maritime and railway transport. We carry the consciousness of the responsibility we take on import and export transportation, which is one of the most important steps of international trade, as COMPASS LOGISTICS with great honor.

Sea Transportation
Today, 80% of the world trade takes place by sea, Compass has a say in the world
Road Transportation
High technological importance to the technological infrastructure that keeps the
Air Transportation
Compass logistics, the principle of providing the most ideal solution to all kinds

Railway Transportation
Demiryolu taşımacılığında proje bazlı çalışmalar ile müşteriye özel çözüm alter
Storage Services
To provide customers with better quality, healthy and cost-effective solutions
Customs Services
External operations staff and paperwork deployed at different customs points

Benefit From Privileges

Compass provides FCL and LCL shipments on the basis of containers and provides the ideal solution for intermodal options such as land-sea, sea-air, sea-rail, etc.

Why We ?


Compass Logistics prioritizes operational excellence in order to provide the fast service required by air transport.
With its wide agency network and built-in locations, it offers different solutions to deliver products to all airports in the world.
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